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Business Meeting


  • I have no idea how to represent myself or my brand. Can you help me?
    Absolutely. We have a sit down and talk about your work-life balance, your business goals, vision and your contribution you want make with your business.
  • How long does a photo shoot last?
    Anywhere from 2-6 hours! Preparation is everything. We pre-plan our shoot day with hair and makeup, clothing and locations.
  • How do I know how many images I need?
    We review this in our consultation based upon your current marketing materials and social media needs. We determine the types of images you may want to consider after reviewing your own website and social media. The BEST thing is that you do not choose until AFTER you see your photos. At that time you decide how many and/or what package you would like to purchase.
  • I am a baby business, can I start out with only a few images?
    Of course! We all have to start somewhere. The most important thing is execution and moving forward. Baby steps!!! We offer a variety of packages.
  • What are your credentials in business consulting?
    I am proud to have spent the past twenty five years working for the government teaching and training higher level business, management and leadership courses for the Department of the Army. At the same time, I am fortunate to have had my own consulting business when I was younger and now having yet another successful photography business. I thrive, not just survive and my passion has always been to educate others so that they too can live their best life.
  • Can you tell us about yourself?
    Sure, I began as a landscape photographer in the 80's, as I am and always will be, an outdoor enthusiast. Eventually I explored other types of photography and realized how portrait photography allowed me to explore my own creativity. Like many small businesses, the creation of my current business started as a hobby or a side gig. Realizing the importance of work life balance, I decided to combine my knowledge of business education and photography to serve others by helping them to grow their own business.
  • Do you shoot other types of photography?
    Yes, I see beauy everywhere and feel compelled to capture it. I will ALWAYS ask you if we can extend our session to include some personal photos for your family or yourself. No obligation to purchase but why not get creative?
  • Do you travel for photo shoots?
    Have camera, will travel. Oh YES! I love to travel and often travel to New York for specialty shoots and collaborations with another New York photographer. I travel internationally and often plan photo shoots in other countries.
  • How far out do i have to schedule my appointment?
    Good question. I do not overbook. Every client deserves the best from me so I take the time needed to be sure your needs are met and not rushed. Although I tend to be spontaneous and creative in some of my shoots, I am a planner of the process. Every month is different so feel free to call as soon as possible to get on the schedule.
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